Bridgett Lynn Brock | 23 | FC: Jojo Levesque | Parents: Kennedy Brock and Jess Bowen

Bridgett grew up not caring that her parents weren’t together. She knew she had so many people loving and caring about her that it didn’t seem to matter. She was close with her dad’s girlfriend, Cat (who is now her step-mom) and really close with Mark (her now step-dad) before he’d started dating her mom, and she loves being with her half-siblings. Although they seem to be opposites, she is very close to her half-sister, Nicole. She seems to ‘get’ Nicole like most others don’t and they always have a good time together. She also tries to be a good role model for her half-brothers. She is outgoing and tries to be everyone’s friend, helping others out whenever she can. Like she always used to say she would when she was little, she’s on the road to becoming a music star like her parents.

Frankie Brock - half-brother
Nicole Brock - half-sister
Logan Gaskarth - half-brother 

Hope Marcus - best friends
Caroline Thatcher, Luke Thatcher, Kendall Marcus, Nicole Brock- friends (others up to role player)

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Kaitlyn Valentina Musso 16 | FC: Elizabeth Olsen | Parents: Mason and Alexia Musso
Kaitlyn is the odd one out in her family. She hates vegan food and detests having to eat it every night they have a family dinner. She’s the one who always rebels against her parents’ strict rules. She’ll stay out even 5 minutes past her curfew if she thinks it’ll annoy her parents. She’s very outgoing and loves the spotlight, dreaming of becoming an actress just like her mother. She’s always loved to perform ever since she was a kid and learned to play piano. She constantly teases her brother, trying to get him to break out of his shell. Underneath it all, she’s actually a really nice girl and a good friend, but you may have a hard time bringing that side out of her unless you’ve known her for a long time.

Mitchell Musso - brother
Nathan, Olivia, Autumn, and Aaron Musso - cousins
Friends:Natalie Styles - best friends
Angela Quiseng, Rylie Quiseng, Stella Thatcher, Luna Thatcher - friends
(others up to role player) 

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Cecelia Monaco 15 | FC: Bella Thorne | Parents: Victoria and Jared Monaco

Cecelia is a bit spoiled, used to getting what she wants. As an only child, she grew up with parents who loved to spoil her. She may come off as a brat, but she’s actually not. Her parents taught her to be responsible, kind, and to always follow her dreams. Growing up with two musical parents made Cecelia love music and singing from a young age. She loves being in the spotlight and hopes to take after her mom in also being an actress. She’s a very loyal friend and wouldn’t do anything to purposely hurt anyone.

Jessica Thatcher, Valentina Jacobs - best friends
Alex Styles, Aaron Musso - friends
(others up to role player)
Romantic interest: Aaron Musso or Alex Styles (up to role player to choose)

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